Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

The steak looks wonderful Chris. And, why can't you enter since the voting is done by the members of the forum. You should have all the rights as the rest of us. Just one members opinion. Anyone else!!!!

What is the source for the cow graphic. Would like to keep a link to it. TIA

Wow, what a delicious looking bunch of steaks so far. Great job everyone. Chris, your mention of San Rafael Joes sure got my nostalgia going. Used to eat there regularly many years ago. Me and the guys used to eat our overtime meals there quite often. Glad to see it's still open. I remember it being right across the street from Georges Pool and Recreation Center, or just Georges Bar as we used to call it. Spent time in there too. Same group of guys. Just like your post regarding Larkspur Landing, sure brought back the memories.
So here is my entry for my first ever "throwdown."

USDA choice sirloin petite steaks.

I was only cooking for me so I cut one steak down and will make the family kabobs for dinner. Sprouts, romaine and balsamic portobello's all going on the grill.

I made some bleu cheese butter to top the steak with.

It's just about done.


One more plated shot.

All done.

That was a tasty meal, you could put that bleu cheese butter on anything and it would taste good.

Thanks for looking.:cool:
That steak looks perfectly grilled Pat. I will have to try grilling portabello's, they look really good. Love a meal that's cooked only on the grill.
Thanks Chris. And I am serious that you should be allowed to enter these challenges since the judging is done by the members. Just my opinion but I would bet that most would agree. That was one beautiful cook you did.

I agree Chris, you really have no advantage over the rest of us. You do your cook, take your pictures and enter. The rest is up to the members to decide. Come on join the fun. That certainly is a worthy cook for this contest.
My entry into the top sirloin completion is Marinated Sirloin with Charred Peppers and Onions.
I cut the sirloin steaks into one inch pieces and marinated in a marinade of garlic, salt, lemon rind and juice, Worcestershire, canola oil and pepper.
Barb cut up one onion and two bell peppers and added some home grown Jalapenos.
Browned the meat in stages until it reached 130* and kept warm. Then added the veggies to chare a little in the cast iron pan.
Mixed all the ingredients together and simmered for ten minutes then added the reserved marinade. Fresh basil, parsley and oregano was added at the end.
Served over rice simmered in beef broth.
This dish was wonderful and very flavorful.










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Here is my entry for Throwdown 36 Sirloin Steak. I got the steaks at Snake River Farms. They are from the Double R Ranch in the Pacific Northwest.

Seasoned mine with Montreal Steak Seasoning and my wife's with Salt and Pepper.

Griddles have been warming up for 15 minutes over very high heat. Got the steaks on for about 90 seconds.

Flip and gave other side 90 seconds. Then pulled off the griddles and moved to indirect to finish.

Plated along with baked potatoes, Brussels Sprouts Hash with toasted walnuts. Everything done on the grill.

Topped steaks with sautéed Cremini Mushrooms.

Your bite!

Steaks and meal were excellent. Good luck everyone!
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