Throwdown #18: Beef Chuck Roast

Alright here's my cook. BBQ beef sandwich's with scalloped potatoes all cooked on the WSM.
Seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning.

On the pit for a nice ride with Oak.

Getting the scalloped potatoes ready.

Set to join the chuck.

Both on at a temp of 245. The meat just had beef broth in it.

Final product, hope you enjoyed.
I'm in w/ a 7 bone Bacon Burger!

Hi gang - There have been a bunch of great entries, and I'm honored to toss my hat into the ring. I figured I would need to do something other than a roast. It came to me watching the Super Bowl, courtesy of Jack in the Box: a burger with bacon mixed in. Nice idea Jack! Here's my roast, (3 1/2#), frozen'ish, with a few other ingredients, and my take on a black & tan.

I removed most of the fat and silverskin, cubed, and started grinding along with the bacon slices

After grinding it all up, it went back into the fridge while I diced the onion, garlic and Jalapeno. Here are the spices for the burgers. That's basil in the green jar.

pre mix

and post. There are four more in the freezer.

Cindy made the buns

and the toppings resting next to the grill. I know I have no room to kvetch about the weather, but we are just coming off a pretty good Oregon weather event: over 12" of snow on Thursday and Friday, and than freezing rain all day Saturday. I was intending to grill the burgers on Round Red, but she is in the back of the yard. Sniff-sniff, which would of meant work for Brian. Red Genny wins by default (though I do love those big grill marks!).

After the flip

Getting closer

and closer still!

And how did they taste? Gentleman, please. When I get a M-m-m M-m-m from Cindy, I know I've done good. Thanks for stoppin' by and I'll see you around the fire.
Brian, that sure doesn't look like any JIB burger that I remember.
Oh and tell Cindy, I like her buns:cool:

I’ve been on this forum since July of last year and today is the first time I’ve looked at the challenge pit. Wow! This is truly amazing what the folks on here are doing, really great stuff. Got to get my game going so I can get into this as it sure looks like fun.
Yeah, Ryan. Those looked awesome. You need to post a HOWTO on rolling those bad boys up. I can't roll a tortilla to save my life.
Thx everybody!! This win will look good on my resume. Also, I got some new ideas from the other entries. Thx again everybody!!