The Humor Thread

Deleted a post on squirrel hunting. Not passing judgment on hunting, but it did not seem relevant to a Humor thread. If you are personally hunting, processing, and grilling squirrels, please post in the Photo Gallery forum.
I found a nice way to spend the time while tending the fire for an overnight brisket smoke (don't kick me because I was using my Oklahoma Joe's smoker for this one).

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And it was good incentive for my kids to stay out with me.
We've got the outdoor screen setup, too, and it's fun! .....and, of course you used the OK Joe, otherwise you wouldn't have had any tending to do at all! 🤣🤣
Many years ago I was dating a girl who had an identical twin.

"How do you tell them apart?", asked a friend.

"Easy. Erica always wears red nail polish........Eric has a beard."

(Family version).
I was wondering about this, with Chris editing out certain non-family friendly posts!
PS- I know the “other” version of that joke!