temp control in weber 26.75"?


Jamie Mathews

TVWBB Member
Trying to make some decent backyard bbq.

I have a weber 26.75 inch kettle. I have the slow n sear attachment i bought, thinking it could help me keep around 250 degrees for a decent chunk of time.

I didn't love the effort required, so I bought a decent Traeger pellet cooker. Holds temp all day right where I want it, but good lord there's just about zero smoky flavor. So I'd like to go back to using charcoal and wood chunks with the weber 26,75.

What's the best way to keep smoking temps on that kettle?

Minion method?
Slow n sear?
Snake method?

Are there any temp control gadgets (electric gizmos with the built in fan like the digi Q?) that work with the weber kettle?
I like the snake method when cooking to a lower temperature. The Pitmaster choses how to stack the snake to get the temperature he/she wishes to see. It's kinda of like building a moving campfire, if you will....
The SnS is fine, starting off with a small fire helps, light like 8-10 briquettes. Once the kettle hits 200F, close bottom vent down to 1/4 and the top vent down to 1/4.

As far as your Traeger not putting out smoke, try using Bear Mountain pellets, their Bold BBQ blend works well for me. LumberJack 100% Hickory works even better, but hard to find now.
I agree with Mario or use the snake method especially for long cooks works great and u dont have to fuss with it, light it and go.
I use a combination of the SnS and BBQ Guru and have no difficulty maintaining low temps. Just need to remember to refill the SnS on really long cooks.

In my personal opinion, don’t even look into temp controllers or gadgets until you understand how to work it without aid. You have to understand how it works naturally before you can optimize your usage with gadgets.

Get rid of the slow n sear for now. Forget temp controllers. I personally use the snake but I don’t stack charcoal, I dump it and form it into a group around the edge. It’s never failed.

Once you get it mastered, by all means toss the slow n sear in and if you still feel the need, use a temp controller. I think too many rely on gadgets and are completely lost if they have to use a grill without them.