Superbowl Sunday

Dave in KC

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Who's watching? Who's not? Having a watch party?
Cooking any good grub? Any Chiefs fans here?
49'er fans?

Typically I would have a smoker, grill or both fired up.
But we will be out of town Friday and not return home
until late Saturday night. Weather here in KC is supposed
to be the best it's been in 3 weeks, and I have a slew of
grills to work on. No time for me to do any cooking. I will
have pre-game on out in the garage, and come in just before
kick-off. My wife is as big of fan as I, and I don't want her
having to waste time cooking either. My Son and daughter
have agreed to bring some pizza, wings and snacks.

I do not remember SBIV, but I do remember my folks buying me
a Chiefs World Champs stocking cap, and wearing it most of
my elementary school years. My wife says she will make me a
new one or a shirt when we win. I am looking forward to that,
and a parade next week. The hype in this town is unbelievable,
but I guess that's what you should expect after 50 years. I am
actually glad to be getting away for a couple days. The anxiety
factor borders on ridiculous.


Cliff Bartlett

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Good luck to you Dave, but not too much! ;). I’m a Niners fan and quite honestly I can’t visualize either of these teams losing. Going to be a good one me thinks. Will do some chili on Sunday. I’ll be glued to the TV though.
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J Grotz

DW and I have been hosting a party for 15+ years. At its peak we had over 40 guests, but we've cut it back gradually to a more manageable 16. I usually smoke something, this year it's tri tip. DW is making Purviance's brilliant mac and cheese, which I will throw on the grill for her. Company brings appetizers and desserts. Since the game is in Miami, I may have whip up a batch of mojitos. I'll be rooting for the Chiefs, but I really want to see a good game.

Rich Dahl

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Don't know yet if Barb will have to work. It's just the two of us anyway and if things work out we will be doing simple stuff chili dogs with my homemade chili dog chili and seasoned home frys a vegie and dip tray and some Hawaiian wings.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I will probably have this forum all to myself Sunday. LOL!!!!!! (how boring will that be?)
I will watch commercials, no dog in this fight, actually.
A number of years ago, I had a SB party the week before(see how much I really care) and put on a recording of one from two years earlier, NO ONE noticed until after half time! We were all to busy eating and raising cane! That was one heck of a party!


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Agree, it should be a good one. Defense, offense, special teams, they got em all.
I always do Poor Boy Italian Biffs for the Big game, but this year I'm gonna go the Pepper Stout Beef route.
Served with fries and a shrimp pasta salad.
M'lady does a buffalo chicken spread wrapped in crescent rolls for an app, along with the usual suspects.



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I will watch commercials, no dog in this fight, actually.
I'm there with ya. Turns out that there will be a commercial that I'm sorta interested in, from the gent who started & owns Macneil Automotive, home of WeatherTech. It's a spot for UWisc-Madison Veterinary College, and I won't ruin it beyond that. Apparently, he's spent a pile on his own to promote the school.

Brian B Atlanta

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Got no dog in the fight either NE fan but I am pulling for KC really admire Andy Reid would like to see him finally get it done. How I got sucked into hosting the Super Bowl Party after the amount of years I hosted when New England was in was bad timing only 2 other couples one hosted the playoffs this year, another the National Championship game so I kinda of volunteered for the Super Bowl.

I make if I say myself an excellent Shrimp Fettuccine and I only make it twice a year, not for anyone trying to lose weight by the way. Gave them a menu choice of St Louis Ribs, Chicken Wings and a Pork Tenderloin or Shrimp Fettuccine going to add some bacon also this time. My vote did not count and the result was unanimous Fettuccine with garlic bread.

Bob Walters

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I stopped watching the NFL many years ago. I'm not gonna' start watching them now.

For me, football is all about Series A (Italy). My favorite team is Juventus. They're playing Fiorentina Sunday.

Brad Olson

Nothing special here; we might invite the kids over but even with them and their families it won't be more than 6 people so I'll just throw a butt on the WSM.

I think this year in KC the smoking will be a little different than it was 53 years ago (the story is here):


Rich Dahl

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Well good news Barb works but gets off at 11:15.
Only watched one game this year the Bears and Dallas at Chicago because my son flew him and my grandson to the game from California. Son being a Dallas fan and Grandson a Bears fan.
Pretty much done with professional sports, watching over paid gang bangers doesn't appeal to me anymore.
I watch the SB for the commercials. Really don't care who wins.

D Livingston

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I'm a Colts fan (for American football; Everton for futbol...Go Toffees!) and as far as other teams go, I have a couple I typically cheer against (3 guesses as to one of those), but none other that I really like except maybe Seattle. For this one, I'm leaning toward the Chiefs mainly because of how insane Mahomes has been playing. My wife, historically, has been a 49ers fan, but that was primarily due to Montana so I'm not sure she cares much any more. We don't host any parties, but I do tend to make a spread typical of a SuperBowl party; wings, meatballs, chili, nachos, etc. for the family. I remember watching it mostly alone last year, with one daughter going to a party and the others and my wife having no interest.

I haven't really thought out this year's food other than buying a big family pack of drumsticks. I think I might do those on the kettle and make kind of supersized wings. I do have a few racks of baby backs in the freezer and it's supposed to be in the 50s, which is downright warm this time of year. So smoking some is not out of the question.
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Bob Walters

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Ah...... futbol, Bob. :)
Actually, it's "calcio" in Italian, but I didn't think anyone on this board would be familiar with that term. Literally it means kick. I think "futbol" is more of a Spanish/Latin American thing.

I lived In Italy for many years and I only heard them use the term "calcio" or (less frequently) "pallone" which means ball. Italians who speak English know the word "soccer", but they never used it unless they were talking to me. Surely many Italians know the word "futbol" from watching TV, but I never heard anyone use the term other than on TV.

Steven P (Tupelo)

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I just started watching the NFL again toward the end of this season. This will be the first Super Bowl I've watched in 3 years. I'll be rooting for the Chiefs because of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. I think the 49ers will be too much for them to handle though. I'll be doing spare ribs and turkey legs. No visitors.

Jason in CA

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"My wife, historically, has been a 49ers fan, but that was primarily due to Montana so I'm not sure she cares much any more."

That's about the same era I was following football. Montana, Young, and Rice. Being a couple hours away from SF the 49'ers was my home team. But for some reason I just stopped caring long ago. I haven't followed the season's in more than 20 years. But I will turn on the Superbowl every year even if I'm not watching it. Mostly to catch the commercials, witch haven't been as good as the ones I'm the past IMO. However, now and again the Niner's make it to the big game and I find myself watching more of the game.

As for food I usually BBQ/grill something. It is still to be determined what that will be this year. I was invited to a family event where it will be wings. When I am invited there for a BBQ I somehow end up being the one Manning the grill. Haven't decided if I'm going or staying home but something will be grilled either way.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I saw the Hawaiian ham sandwiches on the “Today show” this morning and that’s going to be part of the feasting for family dinner on Saturday. I’m doing a bunch of freezer clearing projects, wings, chili, sausages, the aforementioned sandwiches, and I don’t know what else, some things are yet to be determined, we will not be hungry! Leftovers for “Game day”.

Dustin Dorsey

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My wife grew up watching the 49'rs so she's really excited. I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan so I'm kind of neutral. I think we are going to make some ABT's. I'm going to cook up some of my sausage. I've toyed with maybe cooking a pork butt, but we'll see.