Started the return process on Amazon, then changed my mind


Update: I’m going to keep it until I have to return it On 3-18-20.
Maybe they come Up with a plan.

I just don’t want to make a $1300 mistake and I’ve decided to return my EX6.

This will probably leave me stuck with a cover and 80 pounds of pellets.

Things are getting ugly for the SmokeFire.
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J Grotz

Sorry Bruno. That sucks. Please let us know how Amazon does with such a large, used return.

Hope the pizzas are delicious, at least.

Bob Swaskoski

Sorry to hear that but don't blame you. At this point, it is even tough to have confidence that Weber will figure all the issues out and rebound. We may be seeing the end of an era...


Or just mix those pellets in with your charcoal in the WSM, that way you don't waste them. I don't have a pellet grill but have considered doing that very thing to my smokes in the WSM.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Platinum Member
You were one of our first, brave and very enthusiastic early adopters. I feel really bad that it has all worked out so poorly for you. I hope you find a different grill to use those pellets on. Based on my first try’s with the GrillMaster Blend, they at least got that part right. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Matt Q

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I’m in the same boat, Bruno. Holding off on returning my ex6 until March11th. Weber has sent me a new lid so far due to my original lid not closing properly. That has helped but still concerned about this grill and the confusion surrounding it. However, when this grill works, it cooks great. Hoping Weber comes up with a viable solution to some of the problems with this grill.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Were it me, I would send it back right away, that sends a serious message to Weber! As far as the pellets, they could be sold or gifted to someone with a pellet unit, the cover might fit a small wood stack?