So What's On Your SD( Menu?


Phil Perrin

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While I thought it might just be the usual culprits and neighbors,we found out today that 3 of Pammi's coworkers are coming,plus,one of mine,along with assorted spouses and SOs.
Since it was gonna be a small affair,maybe 6-7,it's now looking like a happening,with 13-15 probably attending. I was originally gonna do a brisket and some ribs,but with all the people,I'm doing some Phil-b-que also. As sides,my kitchen sink mac salad,beans,cole slaw and some corn. And all the beer I can handle and still stumble up the stairs to bed!
I was planning a brisket but a few of our friends are getting together and going to our mountains lake. Now it looks like something grilled. Chicken , meat, hot dogs.
My Smoke Day job will be on the 26th, and I will be doing my first overnight job. Have a 13 pound packer that I'll be doing Sunday into Monday, for a Memorial Day get together. This will also be my first brisket. A day (night?) of firsts!
bacon, for sure.... maybe a 9 lb butt
gotta do some hor d'oeuvres like pepperpoppers or celerybombs or baconblasters...
Going to try ribs for the first time -- The 3-2-1 recipe in the Cooking Topics section of the Virtual Weber Bullet site along with potato salad, and possibly some cole slaw or beans and buttermilk biscuits. If the ribs turn out half as good as the ones in that recipe look, I'll be happy. Well I'll be happy either way just have another excuse to use the smoker :wsm:
I was going to do a brisket but a few people cancelled so now it will be 3 or 4 racks of ribs, ABT's and all the fixins
It's going to be my first time smoking ever - so I am going to try something straightforward like some ribs. I think.

Hmmm ...
I want to do ribs, but I have picked up so many 99 cents per pound butts in the last few weeks that I probably should cook a couple of them, just to open up some space in the freezer. Decisions, decisions. :confused:
Here in Weddington I'll trying for three days in a row...2 butts on Saturday, Cornell chicken on Sunday and spares on Monday. Sides wil linclude but not be limited to mac and cheese, slaw, cotc and baked beans!

Phil - the EARLY forecast for Charlotte this weekend is brilliant!

The photo gallery should be hopping!
So hard to decide. I'm thinking pork butt. I kinda want to smoke a turkey though too. I'm off work on friday so I have a four-day weekend - woohoo! Maybe do both? Decisions.........
Got my Smoke Day t-shirt today. Got my 7 # pork butt today. Still looking for some ribs to also smoke. Thinking I may make up some ABT's or Moinks too. Can't wait. This will be my first Smoke Day participation. :wsm:
I'm doing ribs for me and whatever my g/f wants. We're doing up a big batch of cooking over the weekend, with things ending up vacuum-packed and frozen. Probably cooking for the month.

What's that sweetie, you want me to grill/smoke a month of food for us? Ow, stop twisting my arm. :)
I did butt and ribs last year so decided on beef this year. I recently did a brisket recently so decided to go with something not done too much in these parts: Tri Tip. I am going to smoke them and then reverse sear.
I fired it up on Smoke Day Eve here in Middle Tennessee at 12 noon, 10# shoulder on now and throughout the night until around lunch time on Smoke Day. I may push for a 72 hr Smoke Weekend marathon!