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So, for many years I wanted to buy or build a Pizza Oven as we love it. Turns out my Buddy who owns a pool store and sells all kinds of outdoor equipment was carrying one of the best but it was way out of my price range at $1500. Well I was there for other stuff a couple of days ago and he told me he would sell me his display model for $400. I offered him $300 and we ended up splitting the difference.
All stainless steel and cast iron and heavily insulated and lined with fire brick. Name is Il Fornetto and it is a beaut. Fired it up for the first time last night and got 750 Degrees with lump and Oak.



Tonight was the first cook so started yesterday, picked up the good Italian Caputo Double OO Flour, good Italian Tomatoes and started with the pizza dough



In the fridge after rising and a punch down to sit overnight

Today started the sauce, garlic and onion first for awhile then the tomatoes added and all blended with the submersible



Then on to simmer all afternoon with fresh basil and oregano from the garden, a little EVOO S&P


Some green peppers and Shrooms on to soften slowly for awhile


Laying out the rustic look, some pies had Parma Prosciutto


Had to be quick as it cooks so dang fast, the first one caught me and got a little burned

Now here's a guy who's serious about pizza. Flour, oil, tomatoes, ham and oven all imported from Italy.

Camera made in... Japan? wth?

Just kidding. Everything looks great!
Son, the oven is really cool and the pies look delicious! Great setup.

I'm really wanting to make my own sauce that is close to the flavor of a local chain.
Bill, Congrats my friend that is fantastic and your pies awesome. I'd take any one of them right now.:eek:
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Man what a score! After seeing that and those pies I went and threw out my kettle pizza, just kidding. As I'm learning the quality of the ingredients is just if not more important than any other aspect of making good pies and you certainly had the best.
Now I've got an excuse to get my boat motor out and make some killer sauce.
I'm envious of NO man (except maybe you:rolleyes:). I would have jumped all over that, too! You sure broke it in right with all of the Authentic Italian goodies. Those pies look fantastic. I guess I'll just have to keep truckin' along with my Weber set up:

Not quite the same, but we'll manage (kind of LOL).

Keep on smokin',
Beautiful pie Rob, you truck just fine. I did the same and was getting ready to invest in the Weber Pizza set up for my OTG. Pretty pricey so I held off and then this came up. He made me an offer I could not refuse. Plus I can do three pies at once which makes it real nice when you are entertaining.
Bill that is one beautiful unit and great looking pizza. I have to come up to NJ the second week of Sept and staying in Washington, I'll stop by for a pie!!!!
Nicely done!!!!!