Quick thought. I worked retail for a long time. I would think he would sell it at his cost. But on the other hand, I would think there would be that kind of mark up on a specialty item. Hmmm just curious.
To call that oven a "score" is quite the understatement, Bill. If your first set of pizzas look like that, I can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve. I'm green with envy!
Nice STEAL Bill! There's going to be some good stuff coming soon! Can't wait for Eggplant Parm. and Lasagna!
Bill that is one beautiful unit and great looking pizza. I have to come up to NJ the second week of Sept and staying in Washington, I'll stop by for a pie!!!!
Nicely done!!!!!


Give me a PM when you get up here Dave, if I got a meal going I will hook you up my friend
That's a beautiful oven. Congrats!
Hope it gives you many years of service & outstanding pizza.