Saturday night pizza on the WSK E6



TVWBB Olympian
Dough starts on Thursday


one big ball


four balls 350 grams
two balls 260 grams

Final rise outside 84F in the shade for a couple of hours


Kingsford Pro Comp briquettes smoking a lot on startup


This setup makes it easy to add wood or lump and gets the stone up into the dome for cooking the topside of the pizza




An oak log for some fire to keep the heat up



Stone on the gasser is about 300 to keep a pizza warm for a minute.


Pizzaiolo's "plate"


there will be plenty of pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

Looks like the versa is treating you well.
I think we are very close to having the recipe and process for our pizza crust and for our oven. The wife requested a repeat performance for Monday so we'll see.

How many people are you fixing pizzas for?
I think we are very close to having the recipe and process for our pizza crust and for our oven. The wife requested a repeat performance for Monday so we'll see.

How many people are you fixing pizzas for?

That was just me and my boys, so three. leftover pizza for breakfast and snacks are a must-have. They also wanted a thicker crust so I bumped the weight up to 350g, and kept mine at 260g.
Naked Whiz (you may know about this already because of the BGE) has a lump charcoal database. Interesting read on Jealous Devil Chunx...

Yeah Naked Whiz has a ton of info, but I haven't visited there in a while. I'll go check that out.

A couple of pizza cooks back, I used JD lump and a few tennis ball sized chunks of oak and temps were about 850F at the stone.

The feedback from my kids was they wanted a thicker crust so I dialed the temp back a little.

I also have several bags of Kpro and wanted to see how it fared. It was a long an steady burn and with the bottom vent wide open and the top vent down but completely open it held 650 for a long time.

My last pizza was the cheese mushroom and I flipped up the top vent so it was wide open after the pie was launched. Temps went from 650 to 750 in the 4 to 5 mins that the pie was on.

In short, no complaints about the Kpro except was really smoky starting it in a chimney on the gas burner.
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Wow nice looking pies looks like you got the setup just right. I could be over for breakfast
I really like this setup, and it is not expensive.

Two firebricks from Lowes.
coal grate from a 22 inch kettle
16.5 inch round pizza stone that was on a terrific sale.

I use the grate under the stone to support the stone. I've seen pics of stones breaking. If that were to happen it would not tumble into the fire it would just crack.

I think the metal might even help conduct some heat under the stone but who knows...

I tried using the stock metal deflector, and stacking the stone above it.
I tried a double stone stacking using a rectangular stone
I thought about setting a stone on char baskets, but the fire bricks are solid.

This allows the direct fire from the oak to lick up to the underside of the stone and I get good temp recovery between cooks.

The batteries were dead in my IR temp reader, but I knew from past cooks if I was at 650 to 700 dome, I'd be around 650 stone temp.
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That mushroom pizza sure looks good to me!

That is plenty of pizza for leftovers...for the two of us, we usually end up sharing one slice from her half of the pie the next day.
That mushroom pizza sure looks good to me!
I dry the mushrooms out by slicing and putting them on a rack a few hours before cooking.

Simple recipe. A bit of Evoo, three cheese: fontina, crumbled goat cheese and mozzarella,

Prosciutto covered with a little cheese and then the mushrooms on top.

Grated pecorino Romano for a finish.
Of course, pizzas are a very personal thing, but to me the crust is the most important ingredient, followed closely by the tomato paste or sauce or puree. I definitely could eat a pizza with just those two ingredients, but cheese is so integral that it is almost mandatory. My wife really likes the cornichon on our pizzas and doesn't usually eat that part when we go out to eat. We were lucky that we hit upon a pizza sauce that we both like so now the next thing is to get the crust right.