Roadside Chicken

I've been sick for a couple weeks now, thanks to a Z Pac of antibiotics, cough pills and a inhaler, today has actually been the first day i haven't slept most of the day, taking several hour naps at a time.
I spent the day on and off, reading this entire thread on Roadside Chicken! I just finished it!
Earlier today while reading, I took out a 5 pound whole chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner.
I've never made this chicken before, but decided to try it for my first meal after hardly eating for 2 weeks.
I have one question.. What happened to the OP, Bryan? I think his last post was in 2012? I hope he's okay, and still grilling!
Go for it Mary! For me, it's a great way to do chicken! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather and I'm glad you're feeling better! linda
Boneless Skinless thighs marinated for about 16 hours. They cooked up pretty quick ...and paired really well with grilled peaches drizzled with honey. (I got in a hurry and pulled the peaches too soon.

My daughter didn't care for it and my son called it "spicy" ...but he loved it. It turned out delicious. The only thing better than the taste of this chicken was how delicious it smelled while it was cooking. My wife asked for the recipe so she could start the marinade and I'll be able to grill it when I get home. (In case you didn't catch that, she's throwing it into the rotation.)

This stuff is good. Its every bit as good as these last 60+ pages claim it is. Thanks for the recipe.
I've never been a fan of worcestershire sauce so wasn't thrilled with this the first time I tried it. I recently discovered fish sauce, substituted that for the worcestershire sauce, and it was a big hit. I'll probably tone down the salt a little but will definitely use this again.
I found the perfect $7 accessory for RSC. High heat without chasing the flames constantly. If you are in the Midwest, they are in stock at Menards, if not they will ship it.

I would like to submit for everyone's consideration the the name be changed from Roadside Chicken to the following

Chuck Norris Chicken, cause this chicken kicks butt!

sold another guy on this recipe...
to date, it must be over 20 folks i work with that have tried it and have gone back to it numerous times.
Gas grill, charcoal grill... it don't matter to them, it's the BEST chicken they've EVER made!

and, although i did not "invent" the recipe, I feel proud every time a guy comes back to me and smiles (BRAGS) about how great his grilled chicken now tastes...

or when another guy comes to me asking for a copy of the recipe because so & so said he made it and it was the greatest...

Wanna know how FAMOUS
roadside chicken is??? GOOGLE IT.

Go on.. Google "roadside chicken"

Simply Amazing.

So I am going to make this on Saturday on my Genesis, probably 1 whole chicken cut into halves - looks like I'll make 2 batches of sauce, one without oil for the marinade and one with for the baste. After reading about 20 pages of this, I am thinking indirect heat for 35 minutes or so around 450, followed by maybe 5 minutes of direct heat. All the while basting every 10 minutes or so.

My WSM will be busy with baby backs :)

I will get some pictures up!
I made this yesterday and it turned out great! Made a total of 3 batches of marinade, one without oil which I marinated the chicken in for about 8 hours. The other 2 batches with oil I used on the chicken which I indirect grilled at about 375 for 30 minutes or so followed by maybe 5 minutes of direct heat. Everyone liked it - this a recipe is a keeper!

Hi All. I thought I would do a drive by here and post a reply. Glad to see everyone is still making this one. Take care all and happy grilling. Bryan S :wsm:
Glad you stopped by Bryan.
Yes, RSC is still alive and well.
Please kick off your shoes and stay a little longer next time.
I was just telling my Son we need to make this again, and then I check on the recipe and see Bryan checked in.:cool:
Made my day!

So glad you checked in, Bryan. I now have the best smile of the week. I think of you often and know that your recipe must be the most popular of all time. You have certainly made a lot of people happy. I hope to hear more from you.