Roadside Chicken

Tim in PA

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Congrats Tim. Looks good.
few comments about your questions. First, I usually make the marinate without the oil added, then separate the marinade keeping some for basting. I then add the oil to the marinade that I will put with the chicken. The separated marinade I use for basting gets only a small amount of oil. This way, I do not get the "flare ups" from the oil when basting. I think some of the excess smoke you had was from the oil in your basting sauce.
I also cook over direct heat but do it at "medium" rather than hot.
Good luck on your next cook. By the way, where are you located in PA? We moved to NC from the Wallingford area.

Hi Ray, thank you for the tips! I should have mentioned, I did use to different mixes. The marinade did not use the oil. Last week I actually read every single post of this thread so I could see what everyone else was doing. Perhaps next time I should use less oil in the basting. When I applied the sauce, I used one of those silicone brushes. I was worried that the squirt bottle method would make too much of a mess. Sound right?

When you cook over direct, do you close the lid? Do you have an even layer of coals or do you bank them to the side? I had mine banked to the side so I had a place to go if I ran into problems. I'm glad I did! I am thinking that I didn't need the extra unlit coals added.

I'm located in a small town called, Lititz which is in Lancaster county, about 40 minutes from Harrisburg.

Ray Crick

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I also use a silicone brush to better control the amount of baste. I also cook directly over the coals (not banked) with the lid closed. You will need to keep the coals at medium heat settings so you do not "burn / char" the skin too early.

I am now on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC and actually used an outdoor grill (gasser) at the resort here last week. I did RSC recipe for 9 people for a dinner. The gassers here are Charbroil (not my favorite) but with care, my chix turned out perfect. My daughter and grandkids loved it as well as the 3 pounds of shrimp I prepared on a separate grill.

Good luck with your next try.


Jeff R

Well I finally excercised the patience do this indirect with just a couple of finishing minutes direct to finish the skin. Beautiful golden color. Sorry no pictures as I was fighting the rain. BTW- roadside wings are the best part of the chicken

Tim in PA

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I cooked this for the 3rd time and I can't do it over direct yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the temp right. I do like cooking it direct at first so get the skin nice and crispy. I also found that letting it marinade longer makes it even better. Such a great recipe!

Dan Moore

Yesterday, to celebrate the first day of summer, I grilled some Roadside Chicken thighs. This stuff is highly addictive!


Danny Cunningham

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I cooked this today, everyone was happy with the turnout, can't wait to do it again, did 10 whole legs, made 2 batches without oil to marinade, and one batch with oil to baste while cooking

Mike WSM

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I've made this several times. Cooked it just drums, spatchcock on the grill. I loved it spatchcock. Extremely juicy. Cooked in 42 min. I fit the spatchcock in a ziplock bag. Marinated 4 hours. Awesome.

Adam H

Can't believe somebody hasn't bottled this yet! Bryan has a classic here! Keep a bottle of this in my fridge at all times. I like to add little extra white pepper to mine! Thanks Bryan awesome recipe.


Anyone ever tried this as an injection on a whole bird? One of my goals this year is to perfect (or at least improve) my ability to cook whole chickens on the grill or smoker. I've got a couple of vertical roasters, so I could conceivably try two preparations (rubs, injections, brines, etc.) at a time. I've made RSC only once using loose legs, thighs and boneless/skinless breasts and the flavor was amazing. I'm thinking if I leave the oil out, the rest of the mix would make a great injection, with another batch made up in the usual fashion for basting/spraying.


FWIW, the "vertical roasted whole chicken" treatment doesn't do justice to Roadside Chicken. I had two 5 lb roasters and injected about 3/4 cup of the magical mixture into each, mostly into the breasts. Unfortunately, it seems like most of it leaked out in the 2 hours they were on the grill. I basted with more of the sauce about every 10 minutes, so the skin tasted amazing, but the meat came out a bit bland. Tender, juicy, but not terribly flavorful. The dark meat was better. But, going forward, I'll stick to cooking RSC in piece form.


I haven't posted in this thread for almost 7 years, but I decided to revisit this recipe again and I'm not sure why I ever strayed from it, it's still awesome even on some boneless skinless thighs.

It's always fun when your new neighbors come out and ask what I'm cooking because I'm making them hungry. Wish my buddy Bryan S was still around, if anyone speaks to him, tell him his tri-tip partner in crime is posting again.


I did some RC the other day and it is soooo good! I added about a teaspoon or so of El Rey Farms green chile powder and it gave the RC a very nice little kick. Also, I didn't have white pepper so I just went with fresh ground black. This one is on my "must do often" list! linda
This is hands down the best chicken I have ever made on a BBQ. The texture of the chicken after a 4 or 5 hour rest in the marinade in fantastic. A perfect brine, very juicy with a deep flavor. I'm not sure how to describe the flavor, just the right amount of salt with a vinegar kick. When you baste the chicken with the oil marinade over the open flames something magical happens. I made this on mothers day at 3 different locations and everyone who tried it loved it. It actually made one person derail their diet and eat 2 legs and 2 thighs. It actually reminds me of the chicken I used to get on Memorial Day in my small hometown. Every year the volunteer fireman would do a chicken bbq box lunch. This has to be the same recipe they used to use. Thanks to the OP!

Bob Correll

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I have 3 chicken leg quarters marinating for some RSC this evening.

Google "roadside chicken" and you'll find Bryan's exact recipe on cooking blogs, bbq forums, etc.
But sadly, credit is rarely given to Bryan and/or TVWBB.

Doug Selman

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Going to give this a try today also, for our Nieces B-day. I have 12 Leg quarters soaking, going to do them the 22 WSM/no pan/high heat method.