Post-Cook Rub

J Hasselberger

Does anyone use rub after the cook and before serving?

I saw a cook at a local competition dust some rub on his ribs before presentation and asked why. He said it added a little extra flavor for the judges' first bite. Made some sense, so I have been trying it. The key seems to be to apply it very lightly. I got a joke gift of "Special Sh*t" from a friend and it works nicely. It has regular rub ingredients with a finer texture, plus a touch of msg.



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I use some in a finishing sauce when pulling pork, but never added it as is.
Good tip.


Timothy F. Lewis

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I don’t generally use one, no big reason, I just don’t.
I got some it the “Aw S—-“ not very impressed. It’s OK but, nothing very special.

Bob Bass

Beside that finishing rub, it also matters on which side of the item it is applied .... All about specific taste buds and their location...
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Bob Correll

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I've added a little directly to pulled pork, and in the finishing sauce.
A coffee grinder should turn a regular grained rub into a fine grain.
I'll have to dig out my old coffee grinder.