Pie Iron Pizza and Apple Pies

We make Christmas cookies called Patzels on them every year and a couple of other things. Brings back a lot of memories seeing that.
Dwain we used to do this all the time during the winter in our fireplace. I just looked and everything is still there. Guess what we'll be doing? Thanks!!!!!!!! :)
Love pie irons!!! We used to make them all of the time when the boys were younger when we went camping but have drifted away from them. I thinks its time to wipe the dust off of them and give them another go!!!
Can't tell you how long it's been since I've used a pie iron. You just made me want to play with them again. Cool post Dwain!!
Looks good, we have one for making burgers over the fire pit. Will have to try a pie in it, I'm sure that it would work. thanks for sharing.
Man, I haven't used my pie iron in 10 years or so. My favorite --- PB&J
Yeah, it's time to dust this puppy off!