Picked up a Smokey Joe today


Added this little guy to the family today. Snagged it for $15. Brand new and has an AT serial number, so circa 2013. No wood handles, but price is right and was a short drive.

Think I'll make a mini fire pit out of this little one.

Jon Tofte

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Great find! With the savings you could consider adding a laser cut wood handle:

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Great find! With the savings you could consider adding a laser cut wood handle:

Very cool! Didn't know they had these on eBay! Thanks for sharing
Really nice find. The only Smokey Joe's I see on CL around here look like they've been used to clean tanks in the desert. Ugh
There seems to be plenty of them for sale in my area. Another brand new one for sale just down the road for $20.
Almost bought an older used one with wooden handle for $10, but as I was leaving to meet the guy he sent a message saying it had gotten stolen and no longer for sale, was very strange.

I haven't owned a SJ since almost 20 years ago. Excited to get this one together.

Dave in KC

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Love those handles. Wish I could afford to put them on my
my product, and not just my keepers.

Dwain Pannell

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Tailgating is the sport around here. I know people who go to Tuscaloosa just for the tailgate. They watch the game on a TV in the parking lot.


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looks great. Wanted 1 for my camper a few years ago and couldn't find 1 on short notice so ended up with a little cheapo, will replace it when I run into a deal. maybe even try some of those fire starter cubes instead of my electric loop.


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Just got back from a 9 week camping trip. As there were 3 of us I picked up a Jumbo Joe and left the Smokey Joe at home. Worked out very well so I think it's my new camper. I did bring one of the smaller chimneys which I found too small for the Jumbo, hard to get a good sear in cool or cold temps with that small an amount of coals. It is fine for warmer weather.