Pastrami: A Meat Odyssey

Peter Gallagher

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Hope everyone’s been well – I was at the store 2 weeks ago – the Friday after everyone actually begun to take the virus seriously – By the time I got there, the meat aisle had been pretty much decimated – there was only a couple of random cuts left. However, there was an exception. I spotted 5 or 6 really nice-looking brisket flats. I guess people don’t hoard briskets during pandemics. I wasn’t thinking brisket when I walked in, but called the audible and picked out a nice one.

I’m not huge brisket guy, but I do love pastrami so I thought I’d go for it……

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I made the corning brine – I like to boil the water and make sort of a tea. I let the brine cool in the fridge, and then submerged the meat. Based on weight and thickness, I was going to give it 12 days in the brine…


It was nice looking - it weighed in at 8.9 pounds....


Into the fridge:


Fast forward to this past Friday. I drained and cleaned it, and then back in cold water for another 24 hours – the desalination process is crucial - I skipped this step once many moons ago, and the result was more of a salt lick than a pastrami.

I was curious, so I weighed it – It had picked up almost 10% - Seemed about right . I then seasoned it up.....


getting things going.....


....and stuck on the smoker at about 10:30 PM Saturday........ real smoking action shot!


I took a look around 10:30 AM and it looked like this: It had just got pass the stall and was about 165 degrees.


It took another 2.5 hours - then I implemented the Chris foil / towel wrap / cooler method and let it rest for a couple of hours.

not too shabby!


and plated..... oh yea, no rye bread at the store...had to go with some hoagie rolls - be safe everyone!


Rich G

Peter, that looks phemomenal!! Too bad you aren't near me, I'd make you some rye bread......though you could put that between two flip flops and it would be good! :)



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That was a pleasant read and I loved the photo shots. Thanks for sharing!

... that looks like a nice espresso machine, too.


Pass me a plate of that wonderful looking pastrami, hoagie rolls or not that Sandwich looks delicious.