Packer Brisket on 18.5 WSM


Tommy B

New WSM owner here, can you fit a whole packer brisket in the 18.5'' cooker? I can picture my wife's face if I pulled out a tape measure at the grocery store! Thoughts? Cut it in two? Pick shortest one?

Len Dennis

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12-14 lb is about the biggest. Bigger, it can be bent up between the handles to form a 'roof'. After a few hours smoking, it will start shrinking and you can adjust it to be flatter.


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Somebody here had one too big to fit and he put something under it making a rise in the center, thus shorting up the brisket so it would fit

Dave R

I just cooked a brisket on my 18.5". It was a little long so I used the handles on the top rack as 'book ends' to hold the brisket. During the cook, it did shrink some and easily fit on the grate.


Dave Russell

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I think the best idea I've seen yet is to lay it on top of a cheese grater with the ends wedged inside the grate handles. You can use some fat trimmings there to help protect the end of the flat.

Paul Pearson

I have cooked two 12lb briskets in my 18.5 (separate occasions) on the top rack and used the grate handles to shoehorn it in. I wouldn't go much larger than that unless you don't mind putting something under the center like others have mentioned.

Mike Drewery

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I do packers at 16 pounds untrimmed routinely, I just roll the end of the flat under some until it shrinks up

Here was a 17
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Tommy B

Well I have not cooked a brisket yet but cooked a 5 lb slab of pork ribs over the weekend. I assumed ribs wouldn't fit either. I was wrong! They barely fit and cooked nicely! I am excited to get a brisket on!

If you wanna see more pictures of the final product I posted in another thread you can go to by clicking HERE.


Gary S

I used a stainless steal drinking mug under one for the first two hours. After that I was able to remove it as the meat had shrunk enough it was no longer necessary. It does not hurt to place a little foil under the ends where the brisket is shoehorned into the grate handles.