Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

Would you believe I managed to screw up this recipe.

I was in the process of arguing with the wife about about how the Chili I made was not "Too Spicy" and I left the sauce mixture on the stove unattended. Since it was puring rain outside anyway, I wasn't as upset but still pretty bummed. I am going to hae to try again this weekend. I am really looking forward to these.

Is there a penalty box for this kinda thing? If so I must be in for a major.

Only good news from last night was the Eagles Beat the Giants.
just went to costco and picked up some honey and 10lb bag of chicken wangs.

will try this tomorrow

i will also try substituting chipotle peppers for the sriracha next weekend
So I finally redeemed myself. Made these tonight except due to 22 inches of snow did them in the oven. Still Very, Very Good. However as usual my wife said way too spicy. Oh well I will never be able to please her unless i remove every ingredient with heat.
These have been on my to do list for yonks, and I finally got round to doing them today. It was -15C, windy and snowing out, so perfect weather for grilling. When wifey saw me preparing the marmalade sauce she said she definately wasn't going to eat any, but once they were ready and she had a taste she was hooked. I'll be doing them again tomorrow. Thanks Larry!

didnt get a chance last weekend but will do this weekend.

for this recipe i am using the small old smokey joe silver.

any tips? im not sure i can fit more than 15-20 indirect on there. also, maybe they will cook faster.
Originally posted by brady martin:
didnt get a chance last weekend but will do this weekend.

for this recipe i am using the small old smokey joe silver.

any tips? im not sure i can fit more than 15-20 indirect on there. also, maybe they will cook faster.

I don't think they'll cook any faster. Regardless of the surface area you have to work at "x" temperature should yield similar results across the board. I haven't had an SJ for sometime, so I'm having a hard time visualizing the grate and how many wings you should be able to accommodate. Let us know how it turns out regardless!
After seeing Larry's Reverend Marvins Honey Glazed Chicken Legs post, I decided to try this plate again using Tower Chicken thighs in place of wings, as I made a few weeks ago. I used less brown sugar, less honey (only 1/4 cup of each) and less marmalade (only 12 oz) but increased the Sriracha to 1/2 cup for more heat.
It was dang cold out last night and using no flash, this photo is a little blurry.
Back in the house and off the grill, these beauties are ready to serve with green beans, sauted green onions and mushrooms and a large baked russet with Wisconsin butter and sour cream.
I think leftovers do not exist.
Good lookin plate Jim
Reba & I really dig this marmalade/honey/brown sugar/sriracha we gotta try this version too
Those look excellent, Jim. I've also been using thighs, and they've come out very well. I've also bee ramping up the sriracha, but my kids (2, 6 & 8 years old) start to complain - I just need to build up their resistance

You know, Larry's Original Recipe is simply outstanding, it REALLY is.
And Liz loves him for it

I just had to turn up the heat just a bit and with this cook of thighs, I think I got it.
Ya know, for years and years, I've seen that clear bottle with the green cap on it adored with the rooster and never EVER paid a second glace at it.
My Thanks To Larry Wolfe and his tastebuds.
I'll be attending a Bowl Party later today and thought that was the perfect training ground for cooking these for the first time. I intend to use the original recipe.

A question ... one hour indirect (prior to dipping) seems like a long time for wings. Do you turn them or otherwise rotate them during this time or just let them be?

Killer wings! Reba, my Georgia Peach wife, just proclaimed Larry Wolfes Sriracha wings the best ever
We used the Peach preserves version with cinnemon/brown sugar/Sriracha/honey...dusted with montreal chicken seasoning..."Webbed" 'em @ 350* on the Performer as prescribed used a chunk o'peachwood for a lil smoke yummmmy
Terriffic recipe Larry! The Fatman (22WSM) and Lil'Boy (18WSM) had to sit this one out... Hey where's my wing?
this recipe is SO GREAT. my wife, an accomplished cook, asked me to do another batch for her work pot luck. I made some for new years for the first time. It has been so cold and i finished the last batch in the dark. I discovered my grill is full of an orange marmalade ice cube now. Delicious wings and sauce. but what a mess. WELL WORTH IT!