Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

I want to close the loop on my first attempt with this recipe.

I was a little uncertain about using orange marmalade, but these were fantastic. My wife has already requested these for the next few football playoff weekends.

Thanks, Larry.
I couldn't stand it any longer. I read about these darn things alll day. I made some red raspberry ones, but had to run out during the cook and burnt them. Still very tasty once you got past the crust.

I'm doing another set very soon that I will be able to pay attention to and not rush.
So night #2 in a row for the "best wings evar". I think I am officially hooked.

Night number one was red raspberry. I nuked them and they were still tasty after you got past the crust.

Night number two was blackberry and they were great. My wife was super concerned about they being "fruity" but was very happy after the fact.

Way to go guys. I love this site!! Up next, peach and then strawberry.
What do you guys do with the left over sauce? I put it back into the preserve jar so I know what flavor it is, since I have 5 flavors in the fridge right now
I have a big batch of these on as we speak! Man they are looking good! This has become one of my favorite cooks any time I want to impress someone. Mixed up another batch of the Wolfe Rub Citrus this morning, fixin to sauce them up now just in time for the Saints!
I just used some left over apricot and creole mustard glase for my pork roast on New Years and added the brown sugar, honey, and sriracha sauce to it. The wings are fabulous. Thanks for the inpiration.
Just read the bulk of the posts on all 13 pages of the thread...think there is drool in my keyboard.

I'll be cooking these for the first time tomorrow night and I'm excited!

My question now, anybody ever do these in a WSM? I'm sure it would work.

I've got a party I'm helping cook for in a few weeks and if these wings are as good as advertised when I try them tomorrow, I will likely make them for the party. I'd need more than I could fit on half the kettle with indirect cooking. I could completely fill the top rack of the 22" WSM and cook high heat over an empty foiled water pan. Should work, shouldn't it?
Did some thighs last night, awesome as usual. I'm not a marmalade guy, so I use apricot preserves i mine.

Lee, I've done mine on the WSM, and it does work nice. Last batch of wings I did came out great. I ran the cooker at about 350-375, dusted the wings with Old Bay before they went on, they got about 40 mins of cook time, then I started basting with the glaze. I gave them 3 liberal coatings, waiting about 7-10 mins in between coatings...or just long enough to get some more beer in me. They came out really nice, and the WSM doesn't really allow them to burn, but the glaze firms up real nice, and you won't get better color on a glaze as far as I'm concerned. With your 22" rig, you should be able to really load it up. Keep your wings inside the frame of the water pan though, because the ones outside that are will burn real quick with the heat coming up the outside. FOIL THE PAN!!! You will have a **** of a mess on your hands if you don't. And remove the lower rack if you aren't going to use it. This glaze hardens like glass.
Wow! That's all I can really say...WOW!!

Cooked 18 wings tonight...36 pieces once little drummie was seperated from wing. Absolutely wonderful. Everybody from the 7 year old up liked them. The 7 year old did think they were a litle hot, but he still ate 4 little drummies.

These will make a repeat performance very soon!
What a great sauce, tried it last night and got rave reviews. Sure was hot but well balaced with the sweet. Thanks for a great sauce
Making these using drumsticks today for the big game. The sauce is amazing. Should balance out really well once on the chicken and with some ranch to dip it in. Getting Pretty excited. Go Saints!
made these today and they went over great, I just did salt and pepper pre grilling but 5 of us when through 30 wings on top of 3 dozen oysters and sausage and stuffed tomatoes.

I'll definitely make these again!!!
I'm thinking about forming a Sriracha Anonymous Club. I can't get enough of that stuff. Brined chicken pieces for a couple of hours and coated with Wolfe original rub and glazed with Sriracha sauce. Was too lazy to fire up the grill and tossed them in the oven for about half an hour at half time. Think it was the best chicken we've had.

Les Stubby
Made these along with BRITU ribs... they were very well received and enjoyed more than the Roadside Chicken which was our favorite to date.
I have made these a few times and they a great.
I made them for the big game today but this time I used apricot jelly.
They were fantastic.

Rubbed with WRC and a few pecan chunks.

Ready to come off!
Larry, This recipe is fantastic! I have made these wings four times already. Last Saturday I made fried coconut shrimp and used 2/3 orange marmalade 1/3 sriracha sauce for a dipping sauce for the shrimp, man was it good. Thanks again for turning me on to Sriracha Sauce.