Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

This is one thread that deserves a revival.

Got the ingredients to make it for calimari dipping. But I FORGOT the calimari !!

Making some BB today so it'll be interesting to see how this sauce will pair up with them. Saw some recipes for honey sriracha ribs so I'm looking forward to this.

Edit--Not bad combo as an alternative to the usual tomato based sauces.
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I am bumping this myself, I made these today usually my wife and I eat 5, made 13 all gone wish I made 20. I followed the recipe to a tee really thought how can you cook wings for an hour and 1/2 and they are not dry well these were the best wings I have ever cooked.

Wife agreed might bump up the Sriracha a bit like a bit more heat but they were good crazy good. I did use a rub of the weber chili/lime but besides that followed th e original recipe.