My first roti chicken



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Looks like perfection, Nate! Really? That's your first roti-bird? Really impressive! My first one, the truss fell apart and the legs were flailing all over the place. You nailed that like a champ! Great color, and it looks like the skin was probably tasty and crispy. Did I say it looks perfect? :)

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Nailed that one for sure Nate, perfect color on that bird. Got to get me a roti setup for my performer.


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Great looking bird! That skin is looking pretty darn tasty! I just ordered the rotisserie this weekend -- now you've got me wishing I had paid extra for the expedited shipping!

Morgan C.

TVWBB Diamond Member
Nate this looks super good...I love the duel cooking of the wok and Roto!! I have been telling myself I don't need a rotisserie but darn it you guys are going to talk me into it!! Nice work!