Maple Orange Duck


Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
So had a nice 5.5lb fresh duck, lightly salted and put in the fridge since yesterday to dry out a little. Put together nice marinade of two oranges and one lime juiced, 1/3 cup Maple Syrup and two tbsp of sugar. Stuffed the Duck with the oranges and lime remains.


Duck with skin sliced open cross hatch for fat loss, this style has worked much better for me and the fat is just about totally rendered when the Duck is done


As Igor said I may be Abi Normal (dating myself I'm sure) Rotisserie Duck in a Snow Storm


Beer tonight is Blue Moon's Mountain Abbey Ale, very nice


After 45 minutes at 350 Quartered small Yukon Golds in the duck fat


Pulled the potatoes and put them under the broiler inside to finish and put the two charcoal baskets under the Duck to crisp the skin

Done and resting


On the table, the potatoes were outstanding and the Duck delicious


Your plate with some baby peas, enjoy

I'm loving that duck leg. Those Yukon golds cooked in duck fat must have been ridiculously good. For those of you who haven't ever tried cooking with duck fat, put it on your to-do list. You won't regret it.
For my friend Jerome you need some of this, once you taste it you will buy more


helps when cooking in this


Haha...without question such a beverage would help with cooking in the snow. However, I think it would help me more tomorrow night when I'm super sore from shoveling.
I have to give duckk a try. I had it years ago and remember how much I liked it. Seeing yours makes me want to go out and get one. I just have to talk my wife and kids into it first. :)
Duck looks delicious and anything cooked in duck fat is like heaven! Another excellent cook and I saw the black and gold sake at Costco. $11 for the bottle, I almost picked one up but I'm not a big sake drinker.
Bill, that is a beautiful duck you fixed. I love the finished color on it. Haven't had duck for years, may have to try one after seeing that. Also your table setting was nicely done. Nice post.
That duck looks great, and I second the other comments about cooking in the duck fat. I'm sure those potatoes were marvelous.
I've done duck on the rotisserie a time or two and had the same idea re the fat and potatoes. Works well.

I use a paring knife to cut slits in the skin to let the fat out, but I may try the cross-hatch method.

My grandma once said her favorite part of a duck was the front leg. We're still trying to figure that out.