Looking for an excuse...


Tony R

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Today we did chicken wings on the weber performer. Nothing fancy but it was delicious.

My son helping me out seasoning the wings with webers kickin chicken


Indirect heat at the beginning of the cook then a quick sear.



Here's where I was looking for an excuse to use my new Weber Wok

Toss the wings on there to crisp up the skin a little.


My plan was to make them into hot wings but after tasting one I ate them as is.


Here's a question for you all.

I got this wok for $30.
Maribel said she saw them at lowes for $35
I tell her they usually cost $60

I got a deal right? She thinks I saved $5 only.
Great deal Tony.
I bought mine some month ago in 2013 maybe june, it costed € 90 to me ! Maybe I have to come there to live and to cook too !
Great looking wings Tony! I really like Weber's kickin chicken good stuff. Great to see the youngsters getting involved.
I would say you got a deal, where did you get it at Tony?

Craigslist.... But it's a business that advertises there. I went to their warehouse and had other items for webers but they were for the gas grills. All new stuff in the box. Cash only.
Fantastic looking wings, Tony, and I think the kicknchikn is a great seasoning for wings since it's lower in salt. I might need to give that Weber gourmet grilling system another look. :cool:
Nice looking wings Anthony and Tony! At this rate Tony your going to just be able to kick your feet up and let the little guy cook all these great cooks for you!
Great looking wings. I'd say you got a good deal on that Wok. Weber lists them, as you say, for $64.99. It appears to be the same one you have. It's unusual to get deals on Weber gear, unless it's specifically a Weber promotion. I know places like OSH excludes Weber on their frequent in store coupon discounts. Good find.