Kettle Butt 2 Pernil


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Started by cutting some deep tunnels in an 8# butt with my boning knife. Marinated that for 48hrs with bottle's of Goya and La Lechonera Mojo Criollo.
Added a sliced orange , lemon, sweet onion and two packets of Sazon Goya ( Coriander & Annato) Made a paste rub with Mexican oregano, gran garlic, onion, red wine vin and evo.

Started it at 1.30 pm with mesquite lump and 1 chunk each of cherry, maple and ash. Left vents wide open and it settled at 325.
A few hours later I took a peak.

I liked the color so I foiled it and let it go till 180 deg internal.
Let it rest and started slicing.

Made some Cubano's with Swiss, pickles, mustard and a cilantro, garlic chive mayo we made.

Plated with black beans and rice, and zucchini, corn, poblano pepper and red onion saute with cotija cheese (Calabacitas con elote )


Rich Dahl

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Wow! You dragged that one through the pantry, looks fantastic Tim. I can just image the flavor profiles. Sides look fantastic too, great cook!

Barb D

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OMG Tim, that is excellent. That plated pic tells the story and you can pass a plate of that this way any time.


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What a great cook. Love the Cubanos - bet they were killer. Keep meaning to do calabacitas - yours are inspirational.

Cliff Bartlett

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Man, what an interesting post Tim. Looks fabulous. Got me reading up on Pernil. I found a recipe with a marinade similar to yours that also had chipotles in adobo sauce. Might give it a whirl. Won't match up with your masterpiece however. Nice cook.


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Hey, I appreciate the vibes.:) I was out of it for awhile with a bad URI, so just getting back and saying hey!


Pat G

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Great cook Tim. I have a pork butt in the freezer that I wanted to do something different with, thanks for sharing.