Italian grilling


Daniele Faresin

New member
Hi guys,
after some time I came back to post here.
In Italy the grilling and bbq season is very hot.

Here some pics of
Sausage-Stuffed Onions with pepper parmesan cream (by my menthor Gianfranco Lo Cascio)


ember roasted peppers bruschette with nuts and parmesan flakes


cherry wood smoked sausages bites with ember roasted peppers and spicy mustard sauce


Enjoy ;)
That's some awesome cooking you were doing Daniele, everything looks fantastic and those stuffed onions outstanding.
Excellent looking cook. Agree with Barb, the stuffed onions look fantastic. Love the roasted peppers. Will put this on my list of things to try.

Those pictures are incredible! I'm already brainstorming to think of how I could ever create such beautiful bites like that.