Installed Handles and Latches for Center-Base


Scott Tomaier

New member
I made a couple mods to my WSM 22. I have a hinge installed which makes lifting the upper 2 sections off together more difficult due to the added weight of the 2 pieces. So i added a couple steel handles. They are pretty cheap at $5.71 for the pair and are great quality.
I also added 3 latches to latch together the base and center section. I has having issues with the whole unit wanting to tip over when wheeling it around. When you hit a crack in the cement the whole thing wants to fall apart n topple over. The have really sturdied up the whole unit. I got four of them for under $10.
I riveted all the parts on and they are all working great. I highly recommend these mods!!





Great ideas. I was getting ready to install the garage door handles but I think I will order the handles that you put on. Since they fold down I would still be able to use the original cover.
Very nice look, I'm digging the swing-down side handles instead of fixed ones. I'm about to add a pair of garage door handles to mine.

Out of curiosity, do you use the latches when cooking? Reason I ask --- if someone were to knock over my WSM (such a far-fetched scenario), I'd rather let the middle+top come off the bottom, so as to avoid dumping the entirety of the coals and ashes right into the meat.

You're kinda already F'd if you get to this scenario anyway, so I guess you're probably not too worried about that.