I will just leave this here

I agree. It is true, though, that at the current low price, the Lightning is closer the cheaper also rans than it is to the Thermoworks Thermapen One. Still, I think the main "bogey" that ThermoPro was after with the Lightning is the One. I use both kind of interchangeably and like them both very much. There is surely no room to make an instant-read notably better than these two laready are.
Agreed. BUt if they claim to be the Best, they should have shown how they beat the best. They should have included it in their comparison. It would be like Pepsi claiming to be the king of Colas while comparing itself to Royal Crown Cola and Shasta Cola and leaving out Coca Cola.
I know just me but I really don't like that color wood against the blue. Its beautiful no doubt.
And it doesn’t matter how great the finish of that glossy wood top is, if it’s outdoors- even under cover- it’s not going to look that great in a few years.

The first Gen stainless steel performer is the best looking and most utilitarian one so far in my opinion.
I don't agree with that that owner used West System marine epoxy, topped with 3 coats of marine Spar urethane. That is the best stuff you can buy it should last many years especially if its covered. My Performer has the metal table which I love they could have done a different color maybe a ebony stain I think it would have looked better.
I agree with you, Brian. Ebony woukd look sharp with that Glen Blue. Or at the other end of the possibilities, a natural or blonde color wood might also look good.
Yah, but all high quality stainless. They are top of the line grills in function and durability. That being said, I think the 5K is pretty steep for a used one.
Holy Roman Empire Batman…

$5K and it doesn’t even have legs..,
My Wolf is about 25 (maybe 30) I bought it from the original owner. Well off folks in the north high end burbs of Chicago. She told me that although she knew it was very neglected for years, when they bough it new at ABT Appliances just the grill head was $10k, and the cart was close to $4k
Yeah LOTS of $$$$$ but somehting to be said. Despite having been totally neglected, left outside uncovered for the (IIRC) the 10+ years since her husband had passed away, every piece except the original cast iron grates and the rotisserie motor are original to it. All I did to it was strip it down and clean everything. Says somehting for how sturdy they are