I will just leave this here


I HATE these grills, but this is pretty over the top and is black which looks a lot better than stainless in my book.


I have company and no time to round up my son to go load and unload it and no place to store it. Still unbelievable even if rusty inside.

BIG SUMMIT in Black.jpg

BIG SUMMIT LIT UP in Black.jpg

Yah, Jon, that might be a huge score or huge headache. It certainly doesn't look abused or neglected though. If I were you, just out of curiosity, I would ask for a couple photos of the inside of the cabinets and cookbox. The thing looks nearly new from the photos. If it was $1000 instead of $100, it would be a lot less shocking.
Oh, I probably would have had my trailer hooked up within ten minutes. Then I would have been regretting it the whole drive there to get it.
In reality, I could use the knobs off that thing....that would almost make it worth while alone.
It looks like you have several opportunities to be scammed. These below are currently available within 500 miles of me.

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I remember reading somewhere about not divulging a cell phone number when using Facebook marketplace unless you are certain it’s a legitimate seller- not exactly sure why but for the most part the Facebook messenger seems to work sufficiently so I don’t use my cell #/ text.

Yah, I don't ever give my cell to anyone that I am not sure of. I also have a google voice number that I can give out if necessary.

Brand new Weber One Touch Platinum for $125cad pesos!

Pretty tempting at that price, but I already have a Gen 2 Performer. These even have the 304 stainless ash sweeps that are now discontinued.