I will just leave this here

That is probably a great deal for someone that might need/want something that big and is up to a little rehabbing work.
Jon, thanks, but that is the kind of lid end cap that has the holder cast as part of the end cap. Unfortunately, it is not the kid where the holder is attached to the end cap by a small screw. I guess I could put a plug in the actual hole, but I don't think it would help too much. Certainly not now that I have it listed. Where did you get the plug? I may even have one if it came off a Weber grill.
I picked up a small package of them after apparently losing the one original that I had. I am looking at making the old “Junior” you got in that big haul into an XX.

Unless you think you will have use for all of those. I would not mind one or two when you come up to visit.
I was thinking that too. Unless I was very confident in the source of the grill, I would refrain from either trying to register the grill or even searching Weber.com for a users manual or parts.
$200?!!!!!! It's either a scam, hot or someone has no clue what they have. Even with my misgivings about the SmokeFire I would likely be all over that
I have on in my driveway and I am gonna rehab it. Yep, going down that rabbit hole.

If you pick that up but don't plan to rehab it, I will buy the Propane tank monitor from yah. LOL
Slow day on Facebook marketplace.

But this popped up on Facebook- I am pretty sure clicking on the link sends all your personal information to a black site in Uzbekistan.

I think I’ll wait for the price to drop a little lower…