I think I need a 22” WSM

Well, ribs are about the only thing I would want a 22 for.
I've done up to 19 lb plus brisket on my 18, I put a curved rib rack under it until it shrinks up a bit and then I take the rib rack out when I wrap it. Then squeeze it in between the handles.

Somebody on here once did 8 pork butts on a 18-in all at once, standing them on edge on both grates.

Quite honestly I've considered just making a UDS for ribs..... It will be hundreds $ cheaper than a 22 Weber. Haven't got around to it yet though.
I've had my WSM 22 for over 10 years. The fact that I can do 6 racks of baby back ribs at a time laying flat makes it an ideal size. I can also do a brisket on one grate and 3 racks of ribs on the other one. I bought mine when they were going for $419. Still worth it at $549.
Like many here, I’ve had my 22” WSM for many, many years. I use it at least once a week, sometimes more. 6-8 hours is easy
Pull the trigger Tye!! You will love the size. I have both and I found myself using the 22 more only because I like the space! I live on Long Island Ny and I have run her for 14+ hours at 225 using Kings Blue in 40* weather. Using the minion way and a clay bottom inside a foiled water pan! My only suggestion would be to make sure you seal it up with some high heat gasket. This definitely makes a big difference!!