Huevos Motulenos aka Heaven on Earth


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Thanks to Bayless I have discovered a very popular and much loved dish in Mexico named Huevos Motulenos. I now know why, fabulous.

Everything lined up including roasted tomatoes I did in the oven


Roasted tomatoes with a little Kosher in the blender, then onions fried till golden, diced garlic added and then the tomatoes. Two slices of Habenero to simmer in the sauce on the Genesis



Onions fried till golden and garlic added then a can of black beans along with a half a Habenero to simmer, then mashed into a nice sauce like consistency


Nice ripe Burro Plantains sliced and on the CI till golden browned on the Genesis


Colombian Chorizo on the CI first, this is made by a local Mexican Butcher Shop and is fantastic


Diced Ham and frozen peas in the CI


The plate, Tostado's with a spoon of Black Bean sauce on the plate first then the Tostada with a layer of the Bean Sauce , then a nice sunny side up egg, the tomato sauce, then the ham chorizo peas combo and a couple slices of fresh Avocado and the Plantains



With some Queso Fresco for me


You Guy's need to try this, it is one of the most delicious things I have ever had
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ChuckO the tomatoes are roasted under a broiler in the oven until blackened on one side then turned over till the other side is done, then you peel the skin off. You can do peppers and such on the grill or grate but the tomatoes you want to catch the juices that leak out too so I put a layer of foil under them curled up along the edges.