Here's what happens when you make a poor quality product


Dave Russell

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And brand trust is what sells Kingsford in the blue bag. What a strange way to capitalize on what's made them successful. ??

Bob Correll

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Several years ago I had an egg shaped Kingsford grill.
It had side tables, ash catcher, slide back lid holder, and it was made in the USA.
I would say the porcelain was as good, or nearly so, as Weber's, other parts not so much.
Sadly I didn't take care of the wood side tables and they were in pretty bad shape when I sold it at a garage sale many years later.
I loved that grill!
It looked a lot like this one:


Benjamin A

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I went all weber by accident. I used to use low end grills and smokers, but they always fell apart after a few years. So when it was time to replace them I eventually picked up weber products, and I've never looked back. I have the perfect setup for me, a
Weber Q 200 for tailgating, a
Weber kettle for grilling most things, and a wsm for smoking.


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Yeah, I've had cheap gas grills with a little soup can grease trap, difficult to clean, burners that wouldn't heat evenly, and on and on. I actually just stopped using gas for years since it felt like a big disappointment.
Besides, I enjoyed my Weber kettle so much, why bother with anything else?
Then along comes my wife who likes gas grilling for it's speed. I finally was convinced to give gas another try this year. I bought a Weber Genesis and added a couple of accessories such as a griddle. Suddenly I'm experiencing hassle free gas grilling on a unit that has a strong warranty and tons of replacement parts when needed down the road. I've been burning through a tank per month and couldn't be more pleased with the performance.
I tell friends and co-workers - JUST GET A WEBER!
Seems like every time I go to HD or Lowes, I see somebody looking over one of those el cheapo gas grills that are lined in front of the store. I have to force myself to not go over there and tell them to just go buy a Weber and stop throwing money away on garbage. I've had so many neighbors buy one of those boat anchors and within 2 years I'll see it at the curb for trash pickup.

I absolutely LOVE telling them that my blue 18 OTG Craig's List refugee that I bought for $10 is still going strong after 3 years.



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I went through a few cheap gas and small charcoal grills before finally buying a weber kettle. I always liked charcoal better and decided to buy a good charcoal grill for once. Now I have 4 weber grills/smokers. Oh well, like many others before this owner had to learn the hard way. I just don't know why any company would want to put there brand name on that.

Larry D.

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I think most people would recognize the difference between hardwood flooring and 1/4 inch plywood. Yet they will still buy these grills that are made of such thin steel (the old toy cars from the 1930's that you see on The Antiques Roadshow are made of better stuff) and protected only by paint that will quickly burn away. Can you say, Yugo?