GO NINERS game day baby back ribs



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Made the rub last night. Rubbed on dry and let sit overnight on the garage fridge.


The E330 makes a great prep station and a partial wind break.

Broke out the weber briqs
15 briqs in a Weber chimney
Lit with the Weber side burner on the E330
Mixed in weber hickory chunks


Waiting for the smoke to clean up


220 F. I'll bring the temp up a little.

I'm rolling manual analog temp control. No temp probes or controllers.


About an hour in, first spritz. ACV and apple juice.

Looking good! Go Niners!

I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses our Genesis (S-330 here) as a partial windbreak on occasion…
Staying on top of the game I haven't taken any more pics. I just wrapped them. Brown sugar, butter and apple juice.
Nice cook. Got some BBs in the freezer but I'll wait till spring when it warms up, me and the cold below about 55 don't party well.
looking good - like the cheesy shells side - yum!
Thanks, they are tasty. The heat from white pepper, hot Hungarian paprika and cayenne pepper goes well with the ribs.

Yesterday I used medium shells and they do a great job holding lots of cheesy goodness.

Below is the recipe if you are interested.

Lovely smoke ring! Also good luck to the niners next Sunday from this Bengals fan! Hope to see you in the Super Bowl!
I usually root for the NFC team in the Super Bowl unless it's the Packers. I always root for a team that hasn't won one yet, so go Bengals! Out of curiosity Zach, how is a guy from Virginia a Bengals fan?