Getting a jump start on Thanksgiving

Lynn Dollar

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Great color !

I see you used two medium chunks of cherry. I think too much wood in the smoke turns turkey a lot darker.
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Chris Allingham

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Good luck! What did you use to pin the skin?
Three toothpicks, just around the cavity opening. You'll notice in the finished photo that I had a tear that I pinned, but it broke loose and opened up. No biggie, this turkey will get carved before anyone (besides you folks) get a chance to see it.

Rich Dahl

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Beautiful bird Chris and Happy Thanksgiving. Barb and I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.


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Wow that really looks perfect! How you going to keep it until time to eat? And willpower not to start cutting it up right now. Yummm.


Did you season, Chris? Or rub the skin with Olive oil before cooking?

I was planning to spatchcock, but that bird looks near perfect.