Fresh smoke wood chunks from Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood

Well, I thought I ordered another bag of pecan
Instead it was peach.
so, the peach arrived with the decal and pen and the personal note hand written by Patty Sharpe and geez.... now i hafta order another bag of pecan

And I did... and it arrived today with the decal and the pen and the personal note hand written by Patty Sharpe
Yet, she surprised me with a bottle of rub for ME screwing up the previous order....
Another AMAZING small family company!!!

Have beef short ribs going on the 14.5. Using Share red oak! Smell is amazing……
will serve with “3 corn” polenta and green salad.
pictures if we remember…..
We are lucky that I can drive there in about a little over a hour. Patty and her crew do a great job putting out a wonderful product. they have so much wood on the property. Customers are in and out all day long buying quantities that make the bag we buy look small.
Has anyone used wood chunks from Sharpe and Fruitawood? Have you found one to be better than the other? I’ve used Fruitawood for the last few years and have been pretty happy with them.
I have and still do. A fan of both for years as they both have excellent products.
Patty, and crew, are also my charcoal supplier (both lump and briquettes).
Worked many CBBQA BBQ classes on their site.
I would arrive a half hour earlier than Jim, if we raced... ;) (21.3 miles door to door)