Football musings - vent, laugh, oh my!

Bears fan here, should be a clown show next week.
There truly are no words to describe it. Pitiful just doesn’t have enough bite. Chicago had the news what, last tuesday? Denver said “watch this!” Still not sure what’s going on with your former DC.

Oh well. Life goes on eh?
Niners play the Cards next week and then Dallas the week after. Going to make for two games of very interesting football. I don't think anyone had the Cards to win yesterday.
Being a Cards fan, you are spot on. Of course, after last season any win is a surprise but especially Dallas.
I did have some fun with my son and grandson as they are both big Dallas fans. I called it grandpa's revenge.
Why must there be so much sadness? Panthers are 0-4. Waste of a great quarterback. Hope he doesn't get hurt with a line that just melts.
Panthers, Bears & Broncos. All in a race to the bottom to get the number 1 pick.

Broncos - figure with all that ownership money they could field a team that's competitive. geesh!

Bears - rich in football history, poor in overall performance for eons. 1985 is all I can say.

Panthers - Five years in on current ownership and nada to show for it. I just don't understand a non-winning culture. Who goes to work to lose every year? Baffling. Just baffling. Sure, two NFC Championships but come on. Press the GO button and do something!

Not that the Niners are perfect. Please, the team has suffered under a series of garbage years and coaches. But ownership is willing to spend to win and assemble a performing team. No, the Niners aren't the greatest team in football. But at least they're worth watching 60% of the time.

Off my high horse. I'm glad people are posting to this thread. I'm happy football season is back!