First Smoke Day - New Performer Cook



I love me some stuffed mushrooms and jalapeños, and yours look very good, indeed. Glad the new grill setup is working for you!


Steve Madden

TVWBB Super Fan
Thanks for all the kind words guys. I picked up an old, neglected kettle for $10 about six months ago and after a bunch of cleaning (Thanks to this site for all the tips), I’ve used it numerous times and thoroughly enjoyed it. The performer is a whole new world from the bent and rusted kettle I bought and I’m looking forward to many great cooks if it will ever stop raining in South Florida. I think I am officially hooked. Thanks again and thanks for this great forum!

Here’s a pic of the kettle that got me started.

B4572234-9984-4A5D-A1D2-EDFA484D6E67.jpeg 13BE08B9-FE80-470D-AB30-D8DAE12E474D.jpeg

Brian Lee

Nice Performer! I started with a very old 3-wheeler (18.5") from my sister but gave it back to her when I picked up a used Performer my neighbor no longer wanted. The work table is awesome!

Steve Madden

TVWBB Super Fan
It is! I think I may hand the old one over to my folks to enjoy. New KillaGrillas arrived for the performer and the WSM yesterday. Think I am going to try Chris’ Hot & Fast chicken with some quarters on the WSM and Bryan’s Roadside Chicken on the performer with some thighs and drums next. Looking forward to cooking this weekend!