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My wife has volunteered me to cook for the family reunion for about 40 people. My game plan is simply: 2 butts over 2 briskets in my WSM. The issue is she wants me to prepare ribs as well. So here is what I am faced with. The cookout will start at 2PM and knowing here family most folks will not get there until about 4PM. BTW there is a state park in VA. My goal was to put the butts and brisket on the night before on my WSM at my house. I can time everything to have those done by 10-11AM. In a perfect world, once the meat is done and I load up my car to take to the park the earliest I can there would be 12 PM. My question is how can I get the ribs done by 4PM. I could either a purchase another smoker or b take my hot WSM put in the truck and start a new fire once I get to the park, ribs wouldn't be done until about 6 PM, but it will be in the middle of Summer with plenty of daylight left. I am open to any pointers on this matter. Thanks


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The Briskets & Butts can be cooked together with the same start & stop time, give or take. You're probably have to do the ribs on a Kettle or another WSM if you have one handy. I love ribs on the kettle, I use a rack and can cook six at a time

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Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Do a search for high heat ribs on this site. That would probably be your best shot and they can be done on a kettle or WSM.
Check this link as an example. --- Another link here.
Sounds like you have plenty of time to perfect this. Another option would be to cook the PP and brisket a day ahead of time and reheat the day of the event and transport in aluminum disposable pans in a faux cambro. Good luck and be sure to get a lot of pics.
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Tom Jordan

never pass up the chance to buy another grill or smoker when you can blame it on the wife's family! "But honey, I HAD to get the ribs done in time to serve with the Pork and Brisket"!!!! :D


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I'll second a high heat rib cook. I've done several, no bbq sauce, and they're awesome!


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I would do the briskets and pork shoulder the day before... double wrap them in foil when done and refrigerate. DAy of, do your ribs and warm up briskets and pork slowly in the oven. Slice and pull just before serving.