Cooking time for thighs using Vortex ?


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I've never grilled anything but wings using my Vortex on the Kettle. Tonight I put some bone in chicken thighs on the Kettle. I grill wings at 25 to 30 minutes, so I figure the thighs are larger with more meat, they will take longer. I checked on them at 30 minutes and I was surprised, they were in the 185* to 200* range, plenty done. And good thing thighs are fatty and forgiving.

How long should thighs cook with a vortex on the 22 Kettle ?

And I wonder if I'm cooking my wings too long .
It truly seems impossible, but when I do wings and thighs at the same time, they both finish virtually the same time when using the Vortex in one of my Performers. I always check with my Thermapen but frankly, they finish about the same time. My "technique" is to grill them for 20 minutes, flip them all one time and finish on the second side. It takes from 30-40 minutes depending on the wind and outside temp.

Sorry to wake up an older thread.

My one month old Thermapen died 2 days ago.

I’m cooking thighs and legs tonight (were quarters) using the Weber Performer and Vortex. No ability to check internal temp.

Roll the dice at 20 minutes, flip, 20-25 more minutes?

Will use Kingsford Blue and maybe some Royal Oak lump.
Trick with wings is to try and cook them and have it so the meat " peels " off the bone easily and still keep them nice and juicy.
It usually ends up drier for me if I cook them that long.
Wish I would have taken pictures but I grilled 2 Tri Tips on my 26er with the vortex, came off the grill at 55 mins and they came out Xcellent, golden outside med/med rare inside, gotta try again but with pics. :D
It's impossible to give a very accurate time to cook, chicken needs 165 degrees to be safe, that's not my rules but FDA, as much stuff going around with bird flue now is a time to follow the rules closely. some good looking food there folks keep it safe.
Because it's just Barb and myself I use my jumbo Joe instead of the performer. With large thighs it's about 35-40 minutes. I don't flip the thighs and still get great crispy skin and coating.101_7678.JPG

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