Chucks down and so am I!


Richard S

TVWBB Super Fan
It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Chuck roast and it’s one of my favorite things to cook. But the last year + they’ve been at $7 a pound in these parts and that is just ridiculous. Finally got a roast at my market for under $4 a pound and it was time to get to work!
Rubbed with my special in house rub and some Kosmos. Did a spicy brown mustard as a binder. 39849915-2D70-4100-A36D-D7B4D08CEA0B.jpeg Went with some basic briquettes and some cherry🍒 and hickory on Performer. I wrapped at about 160 and put on my Gold B to finish it. I took it off at about 192 for a short rest. I’ve found chuck’s need to come off a bit earlier for slicing purposes. It was a seven hour cook for a less than 3 pound roast. 28860292-5054-44DD-8E35-B80ABD3D0C2A.jpeg 128D2EB9-D524-43ED-AF91-D4EE53BFDF02.jpeg 213516C7-F88A-4F0E-A6AB-005C1536442F.jpeg I’m thinking it’s time for a short break from red meat…after tomorrow’s leftovers of course!😬

Timothy F. Lewis

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I really have got to get my freezers cleared out then I can start refilling with more fun stuff! I used to have three chuckles on the freezer at any given time, now not so much, I’m not sure what all is taking up space but, there is a Halloween cake in there!
Richard, that looks wonderful. I have not had a Rainier beer in 40 years! That brings back some memories.

Rich Dahl

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Looks great. Never just smoked a chuck roast. When they are on sale, I'll buy a couple and grind them or make pepper stout beef. Might give smoking one a try next time they are on sale.

TonyS T-Bone

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Chucks are great on the smoker, and like Richard I pull them, earlier before meat starts shredding - AND - I LOVE Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce!