Central Texas Brisket Flat - Wow


Wesley M

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I've been an owner of an 18.5" WSM for over a year and have tried many of the recipes on TVWB site and love them all, and learned a lot from reading this forum. Recently had a small gathering coming over for dinner and decided to try the Central Texas Brisket Flat recipe. Around here, whole briskets are not easy to find, but flats are commonly available and I picked up a 10lb that had a good fat cap and marbling.

I followed Chris's Central Texas brisket recipe fairly faithfully. At dawn, it was really cold, 3-degrees F, when I fired up the smoker and fingers were really glad this technique doesn't use water in the pan. Put the brisket on the smoker at 7AM with 4 tennis ball size chunks of ash wood for smoke. Temp averaged 250 and by 2PM the brisket temp measured 170, ready to pull and wrap. By 4PM the brisket temp was 208 and felt pretty done when I probed it with the end of my meat thermometer.

Put the brisket into a cooler for an hour until ready to serve. Being a first brisket, I wasn't sure what I'd find when I cut into it. Wow -- what an amazing surprise. The meat was great and had monster smoke ring that went half way through.

Served with Steve Petrone's No. 5 sauce, it was a big hit - thank you to TVWB and this forum.
That's got to be the thickest smoke ring I've seen. Nice job on the brisket - especially persevering through the 3 degree temperatures.
I have no idea what allowed such a monster smoke ring -- I chalk it up to pure luck and the circumstances must have been just right. Am sure next one I do will be different, but hope it is as flavorful and moist.
Welcome to the forum!

That is a wonderful lookin' brisket. I've got a couple of small corned beef briskets I will be putting in the WSM in an hour or so. I will be making faux pastrami.

Owners of WSM's have got to be some of the happiest people on the planet. "The way to world peace through the WSM!";)

Keep on smokin',