Apparently Arizona has been Craving White Castle sliders

Bob Correll

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I don't eat them often, but do need a belly bomber fix every once in awhile.
They were my hangover cure back in my younger days.
My wife hates them, she calls them dirt burgers.


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I can honestly say, I have NEVER had one!
You're not missing anything. IMO they're disgusting. Though occasionally I did consume them due to necessity. Back when I worked at ORD for United. Many evenings we would get mandatory overtime. So instead of my your normal shift ending at say 01:30 they would extend our tour as much as 4 hours. But sadly nothing in the airport was open. So my meal break might have been at 22:30 or so and if the tour was extended by the time we were getting out the 04:00 shift was coming in and we'd had no meal break. I had a 90 minute travel time to get home and nothing was open for me to get some sustenance EXCEPT white castle. So it was either that or eat the faux leather covering off my steering wheel (believe me there were teeth marks in it) :D
So I would stop at WC. both my car and myself would reek from the stench. My pores would exude the "grease smell" and the car would have to be left windows down to get the smell tolerable. Trust me Tim. I don't understand why ANYONE in their right mind would crave that garbage

Rich Dahl

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When I was a kid growing up in Chicago we would sometimes get some, but really don't remember them. I would love to try some but not going to drive 240 miles rt for some sliders.
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Timothy F. Lewis

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Just like many of the finer things in life, for some it's an acquired taste. :p
Bob, you are always so tactful! I just might force myself to have one the next time I go by one, or not.
I’m going to visit a friend in the not too distant future and will pass through Chicago for a bit of holiday shopping before heading on to Milwaukee for the visit.

Bob Bass

Yeah and some Pepto Bismal since they don't call them "sliders" for nothing either. They "slide" tight on out....................sometimes for days afterward
Part of my youth was spent taking classes (electrician) in North Chicago for the Navy. On weekends, when not traveling for the Service School Command band (trombone), I would travel down to Chicago and the Oriental Theatre on Randolph to work on the Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ.

During one travel back to the train station before heading to North Chicago, stopped and picked up a couple White Castles. Unfortunately no pink pre-medication was performed...

Wasn't until decades later that White Castles received a second try. These were the boxed frozen ones found at a chain discount stores. Even with some pink medication time hadn't improved things...

Bob Correll

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When my Colorado son comes back to visit there's two things he has to have, White Castles and Imo's pizza (thin almost cracker like crust, topped with Provel for the cheese like substance.
Correll's are a hardy bunch!


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It's definitely an acquired taste and one I do once or twice a year when I get an urge for a Crave Case.( back in the day that was called a Sack)
My BIL has been in Florida for 45 yrs, but he grew up in Chicago and when he visits, that's his first stop.

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Lew Newby

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During my 25 years in the Navy we used some of my annual leave every year to drive to St. Louis and visit family. One thing my kids still love to talk about was the first place we would stop when we got to St. Louis. It was always White Castle. We would eat our burgers and fries and then off to Grandma and Grandpa's house. To this day, 55 years after we started doing it if we drive to St. Louis my wife and I will stop first at White Castle. From those of us that like them "You don't know what you're missing until you try one". And, frozen is not the way to try them.