Anyone have any good lid holder solutions?


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So my one gripe so far has been the lack of a lid holding solution. Does anyone have anything created and inexpensive. For the most part I've just set it on top of my kettle while cooking as I don't typically run them both at the same time, but for the superbowl that is likely to not be the case.


Mines in corner of my deck, has a railing next to it 5he same height as top efge of shell.

I just put it off to side on that rail


I have a black steel plant pole, think it's for hanging plants. Sticks in the ground, has 2 hooks, maybe 8" each. The pole is about 6' tall.

J Grotz

Another vote for the Unknown BBQ hinge.

For years I set my lid on the back of a wrought iron chair (look way in the background), but I discovered it had chipped the porcelain inside the lid. So I bought the hinge. Is it necessary? No, but neither is a WSM since there's always the el cheapo Brinkman. The hinge does make a performance difference in that it minimizes the amount of time the lid is open, at least that's how I justified it to myself! ;)