And another pizza...


Tim Campbell

TVWBB All-Star
Inspired by some recent pizza threads (thank you!), I decided to do a pizza last night.

Shrimp, corn, basil. Sauce was alfredo and about 2T of pesto. Really good stuff. Made in the mortar and pestle with help from my budding 9 year old sous-chef. He loves to bash things...figured he'd do well with this.

Par-boiled 2 ears of corn. Quickly sautéed some shrimp with garlic. Mixed them together. Few grinds of pepper. Went with fontina and parmesan for the cheeses.

Used a full load of JD in the vortex. Raised the deck with charcoal baskets. Got the stone up to about 600°. A bit low for leopard spotting, but this was a really, really good pie. Will definitely be doing this one again.


Thanks for looking and for the inspiration!

Michael Richards

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Oh man, I love the pizza threads and this is a good one. I have set my next date with kettle pizza for July 4 and have a lot of work to get ready for it. This site is so inspiring to me, I have book marked this pizza, after I start to make some progress with pizzas, and make my first ever batch of pasto I can then work to making this amazing looking pie here!


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Looks great! One of mt favorites is to use bay shrimp, fresh spinach, black olives and sun dried tomatoes all on top of a pesto basil sauce.