6520 Launch - Success


Rob Elliott

New member
Fired it up today. Never, ever had pizza that tastes this good!

Added some chunks of Pecan wood for flavor. Excellent!

Only had a cheap wood peel, so I transferred the pies to the stone on screens. Removed screens after 3 minutes. Total time for each pie was about 8 minutes.

Here are some pix:

That is way cool. Hope we can get the 6520 in the US soon. I like the colors choices for UK kettles.
Thank you for the interest and feedback. I'll need to wait until we get some better weather before we get fired up again.
Another cool thing about this.....is it makes the kettle look like the old 1952-55 buoy kettles. I want one bad!
Gonna' get this fired up this week somehow or another.

Worst winter in recent history; when it's been warm enough, it's been raining; or been out of the country.

Hard to believe that I've only been able to cook once on this rig!

Even if I must take everything to my shop, we're having pizza this week!
I would think you could butcher up an old spare/unwanted lid, add some hinges, raise the grates on firebricks and end up almost with the same thing. :confused: