1st Cook on a 18.5


Steve Zanardi

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First off, this is a great site. Very Welcoming, I'm glad to be here. Hello from Sacramento
I had a 3 rack plan for this past Sunday, but I felt I needed to prime it Saturday Night. So I did the beginner chicken. Whole, Cut in half and smoked for an hour or so. Went great until I lowered the grate over the coals. It didn't take more than 20 seconds for it to burn. Tossed the skin, and everything beneath it was perfect. Good smokey flavor, really tender. On to the Ribs
3 racks of St Louis, 3 different rubs. 1st was safe, it was Pappy's seasoning binded with Mustard. 2nd was a rub I found called Mild Bubba Q binded with Mustard, and 3rd The Joy Of Cooking Southern Rub with a Sriracha binder.
Modified 3-2-1 method with the empty center Minion Method. 2.5 Hour Smoke on a rack, then 90 minutes in foil then 15 minutes back to firm up. My dome thermo and my probe thermo's never agreed, eventually I said screw it, Weber has gotten me this far, I am putting my faith in the Dome. It was a 90% Success. The remaining 10% is because I didn't achieve the bark I was going for.
p.s I took the scraps from trimming the racks and just threw em on the bottom rack. After 4 hours I had what I can only describe has perfect little Pork Rib Jerky Nubs. Oh yea, the Bubba Q was the overall fav, the southern sriracha was bold and great, and the Pappy's was good but not the favorite, and that made me happy.

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Welcome Steve, we need more crazy kalifornians around here. Might fine ribs, congrats on a most successful first cook on your WSM
First of all welcome to the friendliest forum on the internet. Looks like you had a great successful couple of cooks there. Looking forward to seeing some more of your cooks.
Welcome Steve to the forum and your first cooks are awesome. Looking forward to seeing more of your cooks. this is a great forum and we do have lots of fun.