1. JJackson

    Ecb @ 330*+

    I recently got a cheap ECB/Smoke-N-Grill off CL. It's the variation with no bottom. Hopefully, a WSM is in my future, but I wanted to learn on something cheaper, just in case I wasn't any good. I switched the legs, added a charcoal grate, and drilled a few holes for coal's air. However, I still...
  2. JJackson

    Source for Wood?

    If anyone knows of a "Q&A for Beginner Smokers" post, please let me know, because I don't want to keep asking a bunch of dumb questions that have already been answered. For non-stick burners, where do you get your wood? I obviously know of the bagged stuff at grocery stores and HD/Lowe's, but I...
  3. S

    1st Cook on a 18.5

    First off, this is a great site. Very Welcoming, I'm glad to be here. Hello from Sacramento I had a 3 rack plan for this past Sunday, but I felt I needed to prime it Saturday Night. So I did the beginner chicken. Whole, Cut in half and smoked for an hour or so. Went great until I lowered the...
  4. A

    Complete beginner with Weber Smoker. Help!

    Hi all My name is Angela. I LOVE cooking. However my cooking is confined to the domestic kitchen. !!!!! I have purchased a Weber Smoker.... I have no idea what I am doing!!! I am also a technophobe. No facebook . No twitter. Not a member of any forum. Ever. As I write this my daughter is...
  5. Danny C's

    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    I had long wanted to make my own bbq and recently took the plunge and bought a 14.5" WSM. I've done 3 cooks so far (pork shoulder, baby back ribs, and beer can chicken) and while everything has been pretty tasty, I know there's a ton of room for improvement. Most of the recipes I come across...