Complete beginner with Weber Smoker. Help!


Angie C

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Hi all

My name is Angela. I LOVE cooking. However my cooking is confined to the domestic kitchen. !!!!!
I have purchased a Weber Smoker.... I have no idea what I am doing!!!
I am also a technophobe. No facebook . No twitter. Not a member of any forum. Ever. As I write this my daughter is saying I sound like a weirdo, Maybe I am. But I do want to learn about smoking. Any ideas about what to cook first?????????? I have a weber 47cm. obviously English. Woo hoo my first post !

Mark Barton

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Hi Angela. Welcome to the forum! As a fellow WSM newbie, this forum has been a great resource. I have done just a few cooks so far, and everyone here has been really helpful and encouraging. Try reading a bunch of the threads, and also check out the Virtual Weber Bullet site, where Chris Alllingham has put together some excellent information for begginers. Recipes, modifications, temperature control, etc.


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Welcome to the forum and to WSM smoking. I'm also new to WSM and started with a high temp chicken breast without skin. Not the best place to start but worked out well. Should have gone with skin on, just seasoned with salt and pepper. High temp is all vents open, took about an hour to cook chicken to 165f or 74c internal temp.

More knowledgeable people will chime in with advanced ideas, best of luck.


Angie C

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Hi mark

Thank you so much for the tip. I hate computers but realise if I want to learn I need to learn!!
thanks again. I cant wait to get started.

Angie C

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Hi bryn

Thank you for replying. That is a good tip.
I love cooking and am not scared of trying new things in a conventional cooker.
but this smoker has me scared!
Its the temp thing. Oh well am so excited about tring. Thank you for replying.


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You are welcome.

Nice part of my first attempt is that it is high temp, no brainer. Full chimney of charcoal lit, dumped in the smoker, assembled smoker with vents open, put chicken on, put lid on and let it go. I did have a temp probe in the chicken so did not need to open lid. Took about one hour to cook two breasts.

Angie C

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Hi Bryn

Thanks again for tip.
I feel like I need to ask all questions before starting whilst my lovely smoker is sitting in my garden. !!Unemployed!! I know it wants to work1I just want to get it right. I have looked at so many recipes my brain hurts.

Craig Alumbaugh

Welcome to the forum Angie, trust me you look around in here enough and ask enough questions you will be using your WSM like a pro in no time.


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Hi Angie and welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn. Between the articles that Chris has written and some very experienced and helpful experts you can get a good foundation. Glad you found and joined us.


Welcome !!
My first smoke was a pork butt, got the recipe and the techniques from the main (non-forum) page
Its really well organized, with recipes and tips and even pictures. Between that and the helful people on this forum, you can look at it like a great adventure, with tasty treats along the way.

Bob Ivey

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Welcome to the forum. The guys have given you some great advice. You have started a great adventure and your family will be blessed. Congrats on the new smoker.

Craig Wallace

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Hi Angie:

Welcome. In addition to JR's notes, I find Youtube a very viable resource. You'll run across a few idiots making videos, they're not hard to spot, but there's a lot good individuals making videos that have good information about preparing meats and smoking techniques.


Angie C

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Hi. Got my first smile going as we speak . Been in for 35 mins. The recipe is the beginners chicken on the site. Smoke only started coming out 15 mins ago. Smells great. Lid temp says 150 f. I feel like I should leave it a bit longer. Any tips?

Bob Correll

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Angie, lid temp of 150F is way too low, you need to open vents, stir coals, or whatever it takes to get that thing cranking to 250F or more.
The internal temp needs to be 160F in the breast and 170F in the thigh.


Hi Angie & welcome.

The WSM can be a bit daunting at first as a novice. But once you get a cook or two under your belt, there will be no stopping you. :)

Read up the New WSM Owners thread. There is some great advice from a ot of experienced folks. Look forward to seeing your cooks in the Photo Gallery. (It doesn't matter if it doesn't trun out right the first time. There will be great advice to help you out).