Source for Wood?



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If anyone knows of a "Q&A for Beginner Smokers" post, please let me know, because I don't want to keep asking a bunch of dumb questions that have already been answered.

For non-stick burners, where do you get your wood? I obviously know of the bagged stuff at grocery stores and HD/Lowe's, but I see videos of guys with large, seasoned chunks with bark. The store stuff seems to be kiln-dried, so I'm worried it contributes too much to raising the heat and doesn't output as much smoke for as long.

Is that stuff fine, and I'm just not placing it correctly? Or is there a way to get those larger chunks without my own orchard, or a contact with an orchard?

Bill Farmer

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Call your local guys who cut down trees. And you can also talk to (as you indicate) your orchard guys. Wood still needs to be seasoned to use.