1. T

    Wooden handle and side table for a Spirit 500

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am looking to do a little restoration job on my Spirit 500 redhead. I have found sources for all the parts I'm looking for aside from the wooden handle and side table. The plastic on it right now is quite ugly so I'd rather upgrade to wood instead of replacing...
  2. Joe E.

    Pellets, Chips or Chunks. Which is best in WSM?

    Has anyone compared pellets, chips and chunks in their WSM and decided on a "best" option? If so, which do you choose and why? Thanks! Joe
  3. I

    Genesis Porcelain Enameled Lids and Wood

    Hello All, I just wanted to know if these lids are interchangeable. I don't know if it is just the color of the lid and the angle in which the photo was taken but the blue lid looks smaller than the other two. Ultimately, I'm trying to get the blue lid on the smaller frame on to either the...
  4. JJackson

    Source for Wood?

    If anyone knows of a "Q&A for Beginner Smokers" post, please let me know, because I don't want to keep asking a bunch of dumb questions that have already been answered. For non-stick burners, where do you get your wood? I obviously know of the bagged stuff at grocery stores and HD/Lowe's, but I...
  5. R

    Smoker Wood

    After cooking my last brisket I have concluded that backing off the smoke wood is a wise decision. I used one large piece of pecan wood. My question is this - Does smoker wood go bad or get stale? I have a bag of apple wood that has been open for a while. Is it ok to use as long as the wood was...
  6. Brian (Mass.)

    Dueling Birds...Two turkey house, one regular ove and one smoked!

    We had a fantastic turkey day! We had 16 people over today and decided to do 2 birds, both about 14lbs. We bought them pre-ordered, never frozen. We did one in the over with EVOO and rosemary, sage and thyme. I did the smoked bird using the weber recipe of sage, thyme and butter under the skin...
  7. Michael C.

    Apple Smoked Turkey on the Weber Grill!!

    Busy weekend in cooking! Saturday, I grilled up a nice choice flat Iron steak. Sunday, I smoked a turkey on the grill, using Apple wood for the smoke. I picked up a Jennie-O brand turkey at Fresh and Easy, on sale for only $.59 lb. This bird, was about 16 lbs. It only took 2 hrs for the breast...
  8. Michael C.

    Orange wood smoked chicken thighs.

    Just a simple Sunday dinner. I picked up some thighs from the store, fired up the Weber, and used some orange wood for smoke. It took about 45 minutes for the thighs to be fully cooked. The Orange smelled really good, gave the chicken thigh a nice flavor too. Orange wood and chicken thighs...
  9. A

    When to add wood?

    I've been using my WSM since last fall and have had some great success but I wanted to confirm that I'm using wood correctly. I've been putting a layer of charcoal briquets on the grate and adding 3-5 (depending on size) of wood chunks and then dumping the lit briquets from the chimney on top...
  10. K. Smith

    Want to buy a 22" smoker--questions

    We have a large Weber Grill that we use to make pulled pork and brisket using the Cook's Illustrated method which involved smoking for about 2 hours, then finishing in the oven. The pork is delicious, but the brisket needs some work. I'm trying to convince the other half that we need to buy a...
  11. Michael C.

    Picked up some Peach and Orange wood at Bass Pro Shops today.

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to post this, but, I was at Bass Pro Shops today, and in the BBQ section, they had a very nice selection of wood. I picked up a bag of Peach wood chunks, and a small bag of Orange wood chips. It' s been a loooong time since I've used these woods. Bass Bro Shop also...